Visit My Farm - Piercefield Camel Milk, Muswellbrook NSW

Visit My Farm - Piercefield Camel Milk, Muswellbrook NSW

Piercefield Camel Milk, Muswellbrook NSW

Piercefield Pastures is a licensed dairy in the Hunter Valley and the only dairy in NSW. Our herd of camels were saved from slaughter and now will live the rest of their lives in tranquility.


We only milk once a day to ensure they have enough milk for their offspring as we do not remove the babies from their mothers.  Our pasteurised or bath milk comes in easy to freeze 1litre plastic bottles. Milk is delivered fresh with approximately 3 weeks fridge life.

Farm Activities:  $20 per person for 2 hour tour - choose from activities below:

Walk around the farm garden, Follow a farmer as they do their rounds, Watching a farmer with animal management eg mustering/stock work, Watch a cow being milked, Walk around property with a farmer, Chat to a farmer to learn about farming, Taste testing of products from farm.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can I access the farm in a normal car in all weather?  YES

Is the farm easy to find and does it have signage?  YES

Is there mobile phone coverage on the farm?  YES

Are there toilet facilities that I can access on the farm?  YES

Is there wheelchair access on the farm? SOME